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Kids, Dogs & Krazy Women

Released 2018

01. Kids Dogs and Krazy Women
02. Little Momma
03. Not the Man I Use to Be
04. Walking After Midnight
05. Full Time Lover
06. Hey Cotton
07. Problems
08. Every Side of Lonesome
09. Let Me In
10. Hey Baby
11. Raritan River Stomp

Kids, Dogs & Krazy Women has been a long time coming. Working with acclaimed producer and performer, Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors, Noel Redding, Lenny Kravitz), at his Sonic Boom Recording Studio in Raritan, New Jersey, Lanza delivers a mix of covers and originals, done only the way he can do it. The album also includes a tribute to the late, great harmonica master, James Cotton, penned by Lanza and Krizan.

Lanza has known Krizan for many years, but had never gotten the opportunity to work with him until now. “It’s a no brainer,” he says, about working with Krizan. “I’ve known Anthony since 1990. Thru the years we crossed paths many times, as I watched his career as a performer and producer soar, and I always thought about what doing a record with him would sound like.”

As fate would have it, the two would hook up on a landscaping job. They were doing labor for a mutual friend, who said he would love to hear Anthony and Bob playing together. With that thought in mind, they both continued with their respective bands, doing gigs around the area, crossing paths here and there. Two years later, this past March, the two guitarists would end up on the same bill, a fundraiser for the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation. A resulting jam at the end of the show presented the opportunity for them to play together, and it sounded as if they were playing together for years. “That day I asked Anthony if he’d be interested in recording us,” Lanza recalls. Krizan didn’t hesitate and two weeks later, Lanza would bring his rhythm section, Vin Mott and Dave Lockhart, to Sonic Boom Recording Studio.

"Right from the start, we knew we had some great stuff going on,” says Lanza. Joining the two guitarists are John Ginty on Hammond B3 organ and piano, Vin Mott on harmonica and drums and Dave Lockhart on bass. The session resulted in some real raw blues, with Krizan adding haunting slide guitar, pushing Lanza's guitar playing and singing to another level.

“John Ginty is a good friend of Anthony’s and I opened up for him a few times over the years, so we called him in,” Lanza remembers. “He is one of the world’s foremost Hammond B3 players, and his piano playing just cooks on this disc. To have him on this session was an honor, and it bought the session to another level.”

Ginty had this to say about the sessions: “The best part of the New Jersey music scene is how small and connected it is. I've been on the same bill as Bob Lanza for many years, and it was always a thrill to hear him play live. I've also been making records at Anthony Krizan's Sonic Boom Studio for years. Now, playing on Bob’s new album has been a thrill, and it sounds incredible and authentic. Great blues records are made here in New Jersey, and this is certainly one of them.”

Kids, Dogs & Krazy Women is raw and real, and delivers the blues from the heart, soul and the gut. “Bobby Lanza is the real deal and a true bluesman,” says producer Krizan. “He plays guitar with fire and emotion; on top of that, his voice and songwriting abilities are stellar, as well. We tracked this record live with no studio tricks to masque the rawness of the session. You can feel the energy on the tracks and you can feel the band laying it down together in the room! We used all old-school recording equipment, like ‘60s Neve pre-amps and Olympic modules and we used all vintage guitars and amplifiers!”
Lanza chimes in: "Yeah, I didn’t have to bring too much to Anthony’s studio because between his guitars and amplifiers and my guitars and amplifiers, we have some of the nicest vintage gear, and we put all of it to use.”
Amplifiers were everywhere: Krizan’s coveted 1964 Super Reverb, as well as two old Gibson amps, are on full display on this disc. In the guitar department, Lanza’s 1966 Gibson 345 and his 1968 thin line Telecaster, along with Krizan's TV yellow 1960 Les Paul Special (responsible for the killer slide work on the title cut) and some choice vintage Telecasters all make their presence known. “Man, Anthony really hit the note on that one” says Lanza, referring to the slide solo on the title cut.
Kids, Dogs & Krazy Women will stoke your mojo for old school rhythm and blues. Lanza and Krizan make a formidable team on this recording, blending swampy blues and roots music effortlessly, as if they were meant to be together. “I think this record will stand up to what’s happening right now, as well as standing with some blues classics,” says Krizan. “Doing this record was a lot of fun and I hope listeners can tell how much, from the sound coming out through the speakers.”
The songs on this disc stay in your head for days after listening, a true testament to the musicians involved and the vibe that went on inside Sonic Boom Studio during the sessions. “I’m very excited about this release,” Lanza summarizes. “It just seems so right to finally record with Anthony and hear the results that came from sessions that we all had so much fun doing.”

Time To Let Go

Released 2016

01. Mind Your Own Business
02. Time To Let Go
03. When The Sun Comes Up
04. Your Turn To Cry
05. Rush'n' The Blues
06. Follow Your Heart
07. Go No Further
08. Love Me Or Leave Me
09. You're Not In Texas
10. Johnny Smith
11. Walkin' Thru The Park

Produced by Bob Lanza and recorded at Skylab Recording studio in Roosevelt, New Jersey, Time to Let Go is Bob’s fourth album release. Its 11 tracks, a mix of soulful originals and cool covers, showcase Bob’s powerful blues guitar work and sinewy vocals.

“This album comes at a time when I've had a lot of loss in my life,” confesses Lanza. “My mother and brother both passed away while I was recording this CD. It’s a tribute to them, and a suggestion to all of the families that go through difficult times; you gotta let ‘em go and continue life.

“From the sound engineers to the people at Connor Ray and all who helped on this project - these people are what make the world go round. To see how much help I got while doing this CD was just mind-blowing to me.”
Joining Bob on the album are his regular touring band members, plus The Cranberry Lake Horns and several special guests, including Steve Krase on harmonica.
The circumstances that occurred during the recording of Time to Let Go fueled an extra level of expression of visceral feeling from Lanza, which manifested itself in both his guitar playing and singing. “My guitar is raw, powerful and very emotional on these tracks,” he admits.
Born and raised in the wilds of northern New Jersey, Bob Lanza took advantage of his proximity to New York City to learn from the great Johnny “Clyde” Copeland and Floyd Phillips. Their influences can be heard in the passion embedded in all of Lanza’s music. More recently, Bob Lanza has provided support for Trudy Lynn and James Cotton on their East Coast appearances.
Bob Lanza sums up the music on Time to Let Go with this message: “the blues is alive and it’s coming to get you!!”

From Hero to Zero!

Released 2015

01. For Loving You
02. All Over Again
03. Love and Kindness
04. Hero to Zero
05. Ain't Nobody's Business
06. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog
07. My Home is a Prison
08. It Ain't About Me
09. Evil World

“This album comes at a time when I've had a lot of loss in my life. My Mother and brother passed away while i was recording this cd. It’s a tribute to them, and a suggestion to all of the families that go through difficult times; you gotta let ‘em go and continue life”

“From the sound engineers to the people at Connor Ray and all who helped on this project; these people are what makes the world go round. To see how much help I got while doing this cd was just mind-blowing”

“My guitar is raw, powerful, and very emotional on these tracks”

“the blues is alive and its coming to get you!!”

'Til the Pain Is Gone

Released 2013

01. Maudie
02. I'll Take Care of You
03. Till the Pain is Gone
04. Snake Byte
05. Outskirsts of Town
06. I'm Ready
07. Everynight and Everyday
08. Build Me a Women
09. Sugar Sweet
10. Lonesome
11. Our Life
12. Mojo

There is only one way to play the blues: From the heart with ferocity as if your life depends on it. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Bob Lanza from the wilds of north New Jersey leaves no doubt as to motivation with a scorching second release following his debut Things Ain’t So Bad (2009). Years with Floyd Phillips and the Mudflaps and backing legends like James Cotton prepared his audition as a new blues guitar hero.

12 original and cover tunes range from tough to tender backed by the Reverend Sandy Joren (bass), Noel Sagerman (drums), David “Snakeman” Runyan (harmonica) and a number of guest artists, including son Jake Lanza (guitar). With the rhythm section kicking hard, Mike Bloomfield’s “Maudie” roars with Jake burning the frets off his axe and Joe Cerisano enthusing his undying affection for the lady. The Bobby Bland classic ballad “I’ll Take Care of You” is raw and sensitive at the same time, Lanza making the lyrics his own over the empathetic organ of Ed “Doc” Wall and the serpentine harp of Runyan, his guitar wordlessly expressing his feelings. The thumping title track boogies as Lanza makes his case for singing the blues with tough poetry like “I was born into pain, yes, people think I’m insane, but if y’all live my life, you probably jump in front of a train,” Runyan testing his reeds and the guitar man squeezing thick, distorted cries from his instrument before twisting it into horseshoe in the outro solo. The original instrumental “Snake Byte” follows with a “juke” shuffle and a showcase for Runyan over the hot, swinging rhythm.

A heartrending version of the classic “Outskirts of Town” finds Lanza exposing his soul vocally and instrumentally, blues phrasing and timbre flowing naturally from him as he trades challenging solos with Lee Delray, each heavyweight pushing the other to greater emotional heights. Willie Dixon’s “I’m Ready” is given an authentic Southside of Chicago reading, Lanza singing and playing with suave confidence and Runyan blowing sweet and tart. A side trip to the Westside of Chi-town produces the Magic Sam minor key classic “Every Night & Every Day” as Wall rakes his organ and Lanza growls passionately while punishing his strings. The Texas shuffle of “Build Me a Woman” by Pat Ramsey mines a backslapping beat for Lanza to describe his perfect female and fry the frets of his guitar with climactic solos and penetrating fills.

The Chicago blues standard “Sugar Sweet” spotlights Wall finessing the ivories with consummate skill and propelling the brisk shuffle like a vintage Cadillac V-8. The melancholy ballad “Lonesome,” recorded by Memphis Slim among others, is a wistful country blues with the low volume, nuanced guitar of Lanza blending seamlessly with the understated piano of Wall reminiscent of Slim and Matt Murphy, while featuring his world weary vocal. The original strutting hypnotic boogie shuffle “Our Life” is an acoustic guitar/harp duet lamenting familiar ruts with “I sit alone and I wonder, what’s ahead for me, do I have to keep coming home all alone and hang with my best friend, Mr. TV. I wake up in the morning, dog’s starin’ in my face, when will the powers that be who rule us, disappear into outer space?” A house rocking version of “Got My Mojo Working” leaves the listener craving more of the mile deep grooves, soul stirring vocals and exceptional improvisation.

Bob Lanza presents a convincing story and expresses universal emotions every time he opens his mouth and puts pick to string. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed that only increases in intensity over time.

Things Ain't So Bad

Released 2009

01. Gotta Little Girl
02. Lost In Love
03. Can't Say No
04. Pick Your Head Up
05. Real Men Play Esss
06. Why You Treat Me That Way
07. I Cry For You
08. Cowgirl

Bob Lanza has been a bandleader on the NY/NJ bar scene for 30 years. He has performed with the bands, Cancellation Blues Band, Cruisin For A Bluesn, The Bob Dwyer Band, Fat Chance, Riff Raff, The Homewreckers, Blue Swirl, Big Nancy and Supreme Court, Ann Rabson, Johnny and The Tutones, Big Daddy and The Wildcats, The Randy Lipincott Band, Charlie Hilbert, Bobby Kyle, Filthy Rich and The Poorboys, The Bluzemonsters, Floyd Phillips and The Mudflaps,Jason Ricci and New Blood, James “Superharp” Cotton. Bob learned at the feet of Nashville Legend Dave Perkins. A four year period from 1979 thru 1983. This time was the start of a musical journey that continues to this day. Playing the bar scene with various bands passed the time nicely. Then In 1997 Bob met Floyd Phillips while playing in “ The Bluzemonsters”. Floyd Phillips and The Mudflaps were born. What followed in the next 3 years was an education in life and music, taught by a legend. Floyd had been Johnny Clyde Copelands’ piano player and childhood friend. He also cut an album with T-Bone Walker, worked with Johnny Adams, O V Wright , Lowell Fulson, Albert Collins, Gatemouth Brown,and so many more out of The Houston area. In the fall of 2000 the band cut a nice demo that featured some of Floyds original material. A great influence and greater friend Floyd Passed away on Christmas day 2001. Now with more fire in his gut than ever before Bob decided to take a few of his friends advice and form The Bob Lanza Blues Band. The band is stone cold blues and continues to play the NY/NJ area.